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What’s your big “Why?”

What’s Your Big “why?”

I think it’s human nature to maintain the status quo and not make any serious change until we are forced to. When we’re younger, we are much more resilient and can adapt more easily to an unhealthy lifestyle. Even when we’re older, humans have an incredible ability to adapt to physical decline. If you’re tired in the morning, drink caffeine to compensate. If dairy bothers you, only eat dairy occasionally so it doesn’t worsen your symptoms. If your legs hurt walking long distances from Diabetes, just don’t walk as far. However, you can only adapt so much, and poor lifestyle choices eventually catch up with you. Sometimes, you need that last straw. I had eczema for 14 years. When I finally learned that foods with gluten were impacting it, I still couldn’t let it go. I went on and off it for a year and a half. Each time I ate it, my feet would swell. Once, I ate it 2 days in a row, and the swelling went up my legs. It scared me, but it still didn’t stop me. My body was trying to tell me something, but I wasn’t listening (or didn’t want to hear it). Finally, my luck ran out, and I noticed new stiffness in my fingers. Knowing it was the wheat I was eating, I took 2 weeks off then ate my last real pizza. Although it was delicious, the stiffness and swelling spread from my finger to my thumb, and I could barely turn the key in my car ignition for 2 weeks. Why did I stop eating Gluten? I was on my way to losing my independence, the strength to lift my patients on my own in Physical Therapy, and losing my money to future medications I would be on for life. I never crossed the line again, and it’s been 5 years. Sometimes, life is calling you to change. What is life calling you to do? What is your big “Why?”


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