• Karen Murray Heffron

What Foods Should I Eat When Social Distancing?

Our culture has led the "good life" eating whatever we want, whenever we want. The pandemic of COVID 19 has forced most of us to slow down and start thinking about our actions. My husband has been researching World Prepping for years, and in the past, he managed to stock our basement shelves with lots of freeze dried food. It seemed logical at the time until I looked at the ingredients: primarily carbohydrates which would most likely make anyone "hangry" within hours. With supplies like that, food will tend to disappear pretty quickly. If your body gets what it needs nutritionally, it can go longer with less. Here are my ideas on how to live your best healthy self when isolating:

*Buy a high quality protein powder with all essential Amino acids listed. It can be mixed with water or any form of milk and often comes in different flavors. These should also contain many vitamins and minerals if you don't have a multivitamin handy, and the powder can last about 2 years before expiration.

*Coconut oil is a healthy fat that can be involved in making all kinds of treats. Combine this with a healthy peanut butter, cocoa powder, and maple syrup which all have longer shelf lives.

*Chia seeds! This is another healthy fat that makes you feel fuller longer. They can be soaked in water, almond milk, juice, placed in oatmeal, or ground and put in any dish or dessert. 2 Tablespoons have 10 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein.

*Grass fed beef jerky can also be a good option for meat eaters. Grass fed is important to reduce the amount of steroids and hormones going against the vitality of your immune system.

We weren't built to eat constantly. Up the quality of your nutrients, survive, and thrive!


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