• Karen Murray Heffron

We All Need More Vitamin O

We all talk about our metabolism, how it's fast when we're young, and slower as we age. Some are afraid of ruining their metabolism, but what is metabolism exactly? Metabolism is the ability to break down a food fully to extract the nutrients and excrete the rest. We need a fully functioning digestive system including the right amount of stomach acid and digestive enzymes to break down that food effectively. We also need to be in a relaxed state of "rest and digest" in order to break food down fully. Another important ingredient is Vitamin "O": oxygen. In order to start a fire, 2 ingredients are needed: wood and the right amount of air circulation. Without oxygen, the fire couldn't exist and the wood wouldn't burn. In the body, food is the fuel and the oxygen "fans the metabolic flame." When you breathe more, you burn more. The best thing to do before beginning a meal is to take 5 deep slow breaths before eating. This will not only place you in the rest and digest state, but it will also give your body the oxygen it needs to get your furnace working to break down the food it needs. You don't have to be stuck with the same metabolism forever. Practice effectively break down your food and see how it can change your metabolism.

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