• Karen Murray Heffron

The Deeper Meaning of Gut Issues

Digestion is an amazing system that has an intricate process of sifting through food to keep out the "bad" and bring in the "good." The gut provides a boundary for food getting in and through the body. Negative emotions can easily shut down this important system by shunting blood away from the digestive tract to the extremities to prepare for fight or flight. Childhood trauma, big or small, can also wreak havoc as well. I never had any real trauma as a child, but I was shy and afraid of conflict. Those who are afraid to speak out or hold in anger tend to turn their feelings inward. If ways to negotiate conflict aren't learned, the GI tract suffers the brunt of it with gas, bloating, and inability to break down the nutrients needed for cells to thrive. Hippocrates stated "all disease begins in the gut," and the solution isn't just eating fruits and vegetables. If you feel like you hold back as I did, the first step is awareness and finding small opportunities to speak out progressively in certain situations. Just like a muscle, speaking out improves with practice and intention. Your gut will thank you!

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