• Karen Murray Heffron

The Dangers of Inflammation

One thing all diseases have in common is the presence of chronic inflammation. We all benefit from acute inflammatory reactions to sudden infection or damage to the body, but chronic low level inflammation due to inflammatory foods and stress impact our ability to digest properly, absorb vitamins/minerals, and lead to autoimmunity by overreacting to "foreign invaders." One of the first signs I noted on my health journey was my heart racing while standing in line at customer service for no apparent reason. When I started becoming mindful of what I was eating, I realized I was experiencing an inflammatory response to wheat and dairy. As I paid more attention to body feedback to what I was eating, I learned over time to let go of those foods and started on the path to healing.

Inflammatory foods to avoid include sugar, refined grains, corn, hydrogenated oils, and unfermented soy. Eating whole foods are the safest way to go, focusing on organic and non GMO when possible. By keeping your focus on healing and your thoughts positive, the ability to change your palate to enjoy more natural foods will come much easier. As a former junk food addict who didn't know a vegetable I liked , I can say with all honesty that it is the truth!

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