• Karen Murray Heffron

The Benefit of Praying and Fasting

I had a conversation recently with a former Pastor who told me his story of fasting for 40 days. When I was younger, I didn't truly believe many of the stories in the Bible and didn't think it was at all possible to fast for 40 days! After looking into it, many people have succeeded in this, and it actually offers many benefits. The biggest one I have read about is the gain of mental clarity. After 3 days of fasting, the level of inflammation in your body decreases. This allows more more energy and mental clarity making it easier to manage your daily tasks. Taking increased time without food also allows for any hidden viruses, bacteria, candida, and viruses to die off as they need certain foods to live. Having your stomach empty for extended periods allows for the secretion of growth hormone which is involved in immune system repair and fat burning. Only good things come out of fasting-if you don't have other complications like Diabetes or other chronic health conditions that need to be closely monitored.

I decided to give fasting a try! I made it 2 days on a water fast - not the incredible 40 but enough to learn some lessons. By praying ahead of time for support, I was surprised that I wasn't hungry during the entire fast. I only missed the act of eating, which brought on a little bit of depression! I had a lot of fatigue and slept much more than normal, but I bet if I had extended it, that would have dissipated. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, and it definitely freed my time up, so I could be more productive elsewhere. I hope to move to a 3 day fast soon, but for now, I will focus on intermittent fasting, from 7pm-7am which also provides good benefits as well. How long could you go without food?

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