• Karen Murray Heffron

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

We all know it’s best to eat organic fruits and vegetables, but did you know that wild plants pack more nutrition? It’s a tough world out there, and the tougher the conditions, the more plants produce strong defense mechanisms to survive. Essential oils, for example, produce a much more potent oil if harvested from its indigenous environment. According to the New York Times, a study at Cornell University showed higher cellular antioxidant activity and a greater variety of phytochemicals in wild versus farm-raised blueberries, including “up to 26 different anthocyanin compounds that help them survive in the rugged environment.” Increased stress builds more phytochemicals. When possible, always choose a wild variety of berries, add some dandelions into your life, and don’t go cheap on the essential oils if you want to optimize your health. Go wild!


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Karen Heffron 

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