• Karen Murray Heffron

Metabolic Power

There are many factors that influence metabolism. A young person has a different metabolism from one who is elderly. Males are different from females. Eating in the morning verses at night can impact metabolism. Eating on the go will alter metabolism compared to eating in a relaxed state. Eating food that you hate can impair metabolism. Emily Rosen, director of the Psychology of Eating, states there are 8 Sacred Metabolizers that impact metabolism and the ability to heal when incorporated more into your life. They are: Love, truth, courage, compassion, commitment, forgiveness, faith, and surrender. All of these bring us closer to the divine aspect of who we are. When we want to experience an emotion, our body produces chemicals to produce it. Just as drugs create a chemical reaction to produce a result in our body, we also have tremendous power to do this for ourselves. These sacred metabolizers allow a relaxation response which maximizes our metabolism. If you are experiencing weight or health challenges, it’s best to start from the inside. Change your thoughts, change your chemistry, change your health, and change your life!


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Karen Heffron 

Mind Body Nutrition Coach

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