• Karen Murray Heffron

Maximize Your Metabolism

Do you have a slow metabolism or a fast metabolism? I don't think we are born with a fixed type of metabolism. Kids lose weight easier than adults, men easier than women. The health of your liver can also impact metabolism. The health of your body and the process of metabolism can be tweaked. It's not just about burning calories. Are you relaxed or stressed when you eat? Are you enjoying the meal, or are you eating certain foods because they are supposed to be good for you? Both of these factors significantly impact how much you can metabolize the nutrients from the food. Eating when stressed or "on the run" stimulates the fight or flight mechanism which shuts down your digestion, and metabolism suffers. Eating in a "rest and digest" state puts all the focus on digestion, and you can break down food effectively. If you hate what your eating, a similar shut down process occurs. Metabolism happens in a state of positivity. The better you digest food, then better your other organs will function and work for you! Find something healthy you enjoy and eat it without distraction, and you will get the biggest bang for your buck.

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