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Listen to Your Holy Spirit!

After receiving my Eating Psychology Certification, I had a firm grasp of mindful eating. Our biggest challenges involve fast eating and easily accessible processed foods that are too tempting to resist. Slowing down and paying attention to how you feel makes a big difference over time in learning to let go of the foods that don't serve you. Your "body" talks to you with bloating, increased heart rate, anxiety, gas, nausea, and other mood changes when you react to certain foods. As a Christian, I now see that the "body" is actually our inner guide that tells us what the right path is. I have written an ebook on "The Good Book's Guide to Health" discussing what the Bible says about foods you should and shouldn't eat. The Old Testament contains many book of rules as the people of that time period did not have a Holy Spirit within them to discern what was right or wrong. They needed everything written out for them to follow the right path. When Jesus was resurrected, the Holy Spirit then came into the disciples' hearts, and they continued with an inner guide to show them the way without written rules. I believe the rules in the Old Testament are still appropriate, but if you are a Christian and you start tuning in, you will realize that guide can lead you on your health/food journey. There is much to learn when you start listening to your Spirit! Check out my "Listen to Your Spirit" facebook group and share your experiences!


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