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Keep Your Eye on the Prize

I've lived in my neighborhood for 14 years and have walked my dogs down a certain street forever. Never have I noticed so many blackberry bushes on my route! I grew up picking wild blackberries and was very excited to gather free ones without pesticides (it's the health coach in me). I didn't recall the painful thorns that accompanied these jewels. It seemed like all the "good ones" were way in the back where they were harder and more painful to reach. I sustained many painful scratches to get the ones I wanted the most. It reminds me of life. Nothing worth having is easy. Some changes can be painful, but if you keep your eye focused on the prize not letting obstacles get in your way, the "fruits" of your labor could be endless. There are many distractions in the world that keep us small and stop us from realizing our dreams. There are unseen forces in the world that would love to keep us from moving forward toward what we are meant to do in health and in life. The first step is recognizing those distractions, pushing forward through them, and succeed anyway.

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