• Karen Murray Heffron

It's Good to Mix it Up

I recently returned from a vacation to Arizona. I have always been a home body and usually feel pretty anxious traveling, but I am now starting to see the benefits of stepping out of my routine periodically. Routines are great, but they don't require much thinking. Our brains are constantly rewiring, building up connections when stimulated and tearing down ones that aren't. Doing the same tasks daily activate the same neural pathways that don't promote brain growth and make us resistant to change. Stepping out of our comfort zone every once in a while stimulates the limbic system and forces us to think in different ways which opens up possibility. Traveling requires some ability to adapt to changes in schedule, try different foods, dress differently. We leave not wanting it to end because we became more embodied, relaxed, and curious about the world. The fun shouldn't end there. (What happens in Vegas shouldn't stay in Vegas!) We need to mix it up when we're at home by changing routes to work, go places we wouldn't normally go, dress how we wouldn't normally dress. When we become more embodied in general, it feeds our soul and nurtures our health.

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