• Karen Murray Heffron

Health Coaching Works

I had a patient today who suffers from an Autoimmune disease that has left him partially paralyzed. At first he was motivated to get better and achieve his goal of walking, but as time went on and no progress was made, he became more and more depressed. We had a long talk about the power of his thoughts. I described how a cork in a pond goes under the water with resistance. With the release of resistance, the cork returns to its natural place above the water. His thoughts about his lack of progress were the resistance to his improvement. When he realized this today, he stood in the parallel bars, about to give up stating yet another negative thought, when I stopped him. I told him to turn it around and started coaching him through each step. He went from only being able to take 2 steps to walking 4 times in the parallel bars. He was so surprised, he asked to walk again despite the probable fatigue he should have felt by then. He was suddenly empowered by his "mind-over-matter." The patients I have worked with over 23 years who have been in-it-to-win-it make amazing recoveries. With any health challenge (or any challenge) you face, life is calling you to deal with it head on. Either you choose to grow or choose to escape. Let go of the resistance and see what you are capable of.

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