• Karen Murray Heffron

Gotta Love Exercise

Metabolism hates negativity. If you eat something you hate that’s supposed to be good for you, chances are you will not adequately metabolize the food and will be limited in the nutrients you will extract from it. The same goes for exercise. If you start running because the data says you will burn the most calories, but you hate running, metabolism will not be in your favor. You also won’t sustain a long-lasting habit. Movement is important to burn glucose, exercise your heart, and maintain muscle tone. Metabolism loves joy and passion, and when you add movement that you enjoy, you maximize the benefit. I recently heard of a weighted hula hoop and was so excited to purchase one. Hula hooping brings me back to my childhood days plus it would be a bit of a workout! There are many types of dance classes, yoga, martial arts, swimming, walking in nature, indoor rock climbing, trapeze classes, tai chi, and more to captivate your enthusiasm. If you find something you enjoy doing, you embody more, improve your metabolism, and you maximize your overall energy. Nutrition is only one aspect of overall health. You’ve got to get out there and move in an enjoyable way.


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Karen Heffron 

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