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Food is Medicine

A friend of mine recently sustained a brain injury in a simple accident. Working in the hospital system and observing so much trauma over the decades, I have come to appreciate every day because no-one knows what the next day will bring. As I was visiting her, I noticed she wasn't consuming much outside of ginger ale and milk. My health coach mind was screaming because inflammation was raging in her system from this new trauma, yet she wasn't getting the nutrition she needed to support her brain. When challenged by any illness or trauma, it is so important to flood your body with good nutrition. The most inflammatory foods to avoid are hydrogenated oils found in most processed foods, refined sugar, red meat, gluten filled foods, and often dairy to those who have sensitivities. Take the fuel off the the fire and replace with healing foods like fruits and vegetables, nuts, fatty fish, and non-heated olive oil. Smoothies, soups, and juices are the best way to pack in nutrition because they contain a higher content of produce. Be aware of food labels at the hospital as they are not as focused on using food as medicine, and always double check with your doctor as certain medicines may interact adversely to certain diets. No-one enjoys being in the hospital any longer than he has to, so try experimenting with healthy foods to shorten that stay a little.


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