• Karen Murray Heffron

Don't Let the 8 Year Old Rule your Life!

Who has ever thought "I know what I need to do, I'm just not doing it." There is so much information out there on how to improve your health. Much of the information I heard decades ago; eat organic, eat more fruits and veggies, don't dive in the pool 30 minutes after eating.. But processed convenience foods are easy, readily available, and too tasty to pass up! It's so easy to be swayed into going the easier route. This has always been my struggle. Because I didn't have trouble gaining weight, I was able to eat anything I wanted. My inner 8 year old ruled my life until I started getting sick as an adult. Now, the struggle is real! I don't have a parent telling me not to buy Doritos at the store. I have freedom and money to buy whatever I want, but if I let the 8 year old in me rule, I would continue to spiral down a chronic illness path that will steal my health and joy. We all have the 8 year old still in us. The kid in us wants what we want when we want it. This kid knows food makes us feel good, but as adults, we can learn strategies to feel good in other ways. The adult in us can learn to practice delaying gratification to do what needs to be done to keep us healthy. We have to practice the "Parent muscle" to push down the immature part of ourselves and focus on the end goal of a newer healthier functional you! So, are you going to let the 8 year old rule the house, or come into your power and overcome the temptations? As you practice, you will find that nourishing foods will give you just as much pleasure and lead you to crave the foods that serve your body well!

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