• Karen Murray Heffron

Don't Give In to the Brain Fog

With the news of Ted Turner admitting he has Lewy body Dementia, I thought I'd share that Dementia does not have to be your destiny. Although some have certain genetics that predispose them to dementia, the science of epigenetic has revealed that genes are not your destiny, and 95% of these genes can be turned on and off by environmental influence. Lewy body is the most common form of dementia in people younger than 60. In fact, Dementia can start developing up to 30 years before symptoms appear. That forgetfulness might be an early indicator something is heading in the wrong direction. What can you do?

  • reduce inflammatory foods like sugar, grains, conventional dairy, and unhealthy oils like canola and soybean oil.

  • control your blood sugar level. Sugar increases inflammation and destroys good bacteria in your gut that help make vitamins and digest food.

  • Eat Brain healthy foods like fruits, veggies, high quality fats in moderation, and pasture raised meats.

  • regular exercise helps control blood sugar and protects the hippocampus (memory center) from stress related hormones that shrink it.

  • Optimize Vitamin D to support your immune system

  • Decrease stress

  • getting enough sleep allows for ample time for repair and growth of your brain cells

  • stay socially active - being isolated has been correlated with cognitive decline.

You don't have to get old if you don't want to! Be proactive

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