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Beat Food Cravings

Since I began my health journey, I have always battled certain food cravings, especially after work. Sometimes this indicates a nutrition deficiency. Using certain supplements can help reduce the cravings to make it possible to defeat it. Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo recommends a combination of Berberine, Chromium, and Magnesium when sugar cravings come on to reduce the impulse to overindulge. Julia Ross in The Diet Cure, recommends focusing on certain amino acids to reduce cravings:

  • For afternoon cravings, low seratonin might be a factor. Tryptophan or 5-hydroxytryptophan can help.

  • If you crave comfort foods, you may be in need of endorphins and takinig D-

phenylalanine may help.

  • If carbs help you to calm down, you may have low levels of GABA, so a supplement may be in order.

  • Glutamine helps regulate blood sugar when seeking a sugar quick fix.

These are all things you can experiment with to see if they make a difference. Every body has certain needs, and you won't know until you become proactive, try them out, and see what works for you.


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