• Karen Murray Heffron

Avoid Face Value

When I started my job as a Physical Therapist in Atlanta, I worked under a physician who was a beauty queen in the Miss America pageant. She dressed the part every day with her pink scrubs, high heels, and perfectly done hair. All of the male patients were so excited to see her everyday, and she lived for the compliments. As she grew older, her looks started to fade as did her self- worth. She proceeded to begin the road to never ending plastic surgery to attempt to retain the youth that made her feel important. According to Psychologist Marc David, women go through 2 phases in life, a princess and a queen stage. When we are young, we are unsure of our place in the world and rely on the compliments/criticisms of others to know our value. Sadly, our self-worth can be

determined by the people closest to us. As we enter our forties, the princess phase should shift into the Queen stage. A queen doesn't ask others, "am I skinny and pretty enough? Do you like me?" A queen knows her worth and isn't concerned about the judgements of others. Due to cultural pressure, many women get stuck in the princess phase as older adults when they should be coming into their own. Fear of judgement creates low levels of stress in our system that can contribute to weight gain or create physical issues that slow us down and create fear of more judgement. Let go of the judgement. Carry yourself with confidence and people will be attracted to that light. It's good to be the Queen!

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