• Karen Murray Heffron

Addicted to Stress

We live in a busy world. Compared to 5,000 years ago when we mainly hunted and gathered for fun, most of us are on the go all day long. I admit to having "Supermom Syndrome" working full-time and transporting my kids around the rest of the time. The technological age has us looking at our phones with every spare moment catching the news or identifying other activities to be involved in. Heightened adrenaline levels are becoming the new normal. We have too much to do and not enough time to do it. When an opportunity comes to relax, it's hard to do. It's almost like we need that constant stimulation to feel alive. Unfortunately, the all-day adrenaline rush shuts down our digestive systems and depletes the adrenals that produce cortisol. This impacts the immune system and leads to hormone imbalance. We need to learn to take it down a notch! You can't be everything to everyone. Where can you cut back responsibilities? Where can tasks be delegated? Can you find 5 minutes to sit quietly without distraction and breathe deeply? I have found staring at a flame can be very calming. Spending time in nature naturally brings calmness to any situation. All of these can create space to allow your system to calm down, reserve your cortisol for more stressful situations, and allow your body to process the nutrients it's been given.


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