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I am a recovering junk food lover. I never had trouble with my weight and felt this was my ticket to eat anything I wanted. I spent my childhood eating Doritos in front of half my family, who spent years in endless dieting programs thinking how lucky I was, until it all came to a halt in 2013. I accidentally found out I had a gluten sensitivity after giving up processed food for Lent and spent years trying to get it out of my life. I felt like I was going through the stages of grief - denial, researching to try to find a way around it, anger I had to give it up, depression I couldn’t eat my publix cupcakes anymore.. It’s hard when you’ve spent your life living off of junk food to suddenly let it go. Going off and on gluten took a toll on my body until my luck ran out, and I developed arthritis in my hands. As a Physical Therapist, that is the kiss of death as I help people learn to walk again . I thought of my grandmother with her deformed hands from Rheumatoid Arthritis, how she could barely open the candy jar when we came to visit. I thought I had “the gene” for arthritis and started to panic and wonder about my future as a PT. Then I started researching to find a way to reverse the symptoms. I didn’t want to be like my patients who were on 20 medications daily. I went on an elimination diet, cutting out gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and sugar and managed to eliminate my arthritis as well. I had more energy and passion for life than I ever thought was possible! I was so excited to learn if the root causes to dis-ease could be uncovered, imbalances in your body can be corrected, and symptoms can often fall away. I started pursuing education as a health coach, completing courses in digestive mastery and Insulin resistance. But my struggle with sugar and caffeine continued and I continued to feel pressure to return to my old ways, especially when the world around you eats very differently. I felt pressure from my many responsibilities as a working supermom. These were holding me back from maintaining a completely healthy lifestyle. That’s when I became certified as an Eating Psychology Coach and learned that the experiences in our lives can have a huge impact on our relationship with food. Sometimes, health challenges can be superficial, but often the problem lies deeper. Undigested life experiences (trauma, uncomfortable relationships at work and home) can have a huge impact on our health. These need to be dealt with in order to move forward in health and in life. We’re here to serve an important purpose in the world. How can we do it if we’re spending so much energy focusing on our dis-ease/weight? I want to share all of the resources I’ve collected medically and spiritually to educate and motivate others to start their journey to better health in mind, body, and soul!


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